Important Information about Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Statistics show that every year, about 65 million people suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition, 334 million people have Asthma, which is also the most common chronic disease affecting children.   In a world where respiratory or lung-related diseases are rampant, the need and use of pulmonary rehabilitation have become prevalent. Here are … Continue reading “Important Information about Pulmonary Rehabilitation”

10 Simple Solutions To Help You Manage Snoring

There are various types of sleep disorders, and snoring happens to be one of the many on the list. Snoring occurs when air flows through your throat while you breathe during sleep. It causes the relaxed tissues within your throat to vibrate, thus causing unpleasant snoring sounds. Snoring can affect your ability to get enough … Continue reading “10 Simple Solutions To Help You Manage Snoring”

World Pneumonia Day: Facts about the Disease

The United Nations recognizes 12th November as a day dedicated to the campaign, awareness, and call to action against pneumonia. It also creates an annual symposium and platform for the world to stand together in its fight against this disease. Pneumonia is a common disease that affects the lungs, causing inflammation of the air sacs … Continue reading “World Pneumonia Day: Facts about the Disease”

Six Proven Techniques to Help You Breathe Better

Breathing is an intricate human activity that takes place when the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles contract, thus providing enough room within the chest, which allows the lungs to get filled with air. However, some people may experience difficulty breathing, probably due to harmful habits like smoking or some diseases that affect the lungs. Nevertheless, … Continue reading “Six Proven Techniques to Help You Breathe Better”

The Struggle for Air: Surviving Lung Disease

Our lungs serve as a conduit for oxygen via the air we breathe. This process is carried out because the cells in our body require oxygen to function and grow. This is a difficult activity for people struggling with lung diseases, but with therapies and treatment they can survive the disease and go on to … Continue reading “The Struggle for Air: Surviving Lung Disease”

Sleep Disorders: Fact Check

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to many health problems and constant inability to get adequate sleep may be caused by a sleep disorder. According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), drowsy driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 non-fatal injuries annually, in the United States. Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons … Continue reading “Sleep Disorders: Fact Check”

Sleep Paralysis: A Cause for Fear?

Sleep Paralysis is not caused by a demon contrary to popular belief The notion of being bedevilled by demons, evil spirits and extraterrestrial being, has been the myth surrounding sleep paralysis. The feeling of being paralyzed and suffocated, though scary, is a result of the medical condition called sleep paralysis. This condition is caused by … Continue reading “Sleep Paralysis: A Cause for Fear?”

4 Ways to Arm Yourself against Allergies

Allergies are conditions whereby the immune system reacts abnormally to foreign substances. An allergic reaction can be mild, irritating, and sometimes severe, hence the need to arm oneself against allergic triggers (also known as allergens). Substances like dust, mold, pet dander, grass, peanuts, and other substances that cause allergy are called allergens. The ideal way … Continue reading “4 Ways to Arm Yourself against Allergies”