Air Purifiers Vs Humidifiers: Benefits and Differences


If you want to control the quality of air in your home, fight air pollution, reduce allergies, and respiratory problems, or dry air conditioner, chances are that the first method you employ is getting an air purifier or a humidifier. Air purifiers and humidifiers are usually mistaken for each other because they have similar uses. However, they’re not the same thing!

Air purifiers and humidifiers are different devices that work in different ways, serve different purposes, and have different benefits and disadvantages. To help you understand what these two devices are, how they function, and which is best for your household, we will be discussing the various benefits and differences between the two devices.


Differences between an air purifier and a humidifier

An air purifier helps remove pollutants and contaminants from the air. It consists of a fan and a filtering surface where the pollutants are trapped and fresh, uncontaminated air is released back into the atmosphere.

The majority of the available commercial air purifiers make use of the high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA). This filter is built by meshing together pieces of plastic and fiberglass threads to prevent the air irritants from passing through. They are capable of stopping a wide range of particles like irritants, dust, bacteria, mold, and even particles as minute as 0.3 microns!

On the other hand, a humidifier helps to keep the humidity of a room between the standard of 30% and 50%. It does this by releasing moisture into the atmosphere. The humidifier has a water reservoir which it draws from and then transforms into steam or mist which is then released into the atmosphere. There are various ways the humidifier can transform the water into steam which it would spread into the outside air:

  1. It could boil the water till it becomes steam.
  2. It could use a fan to evaporate the air.
  3. Also, the humidifier could make use of an ultrasonic to vibrate the droplets of water and then scatter them into the atmosphere.
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Note:  Before using the ultrasonic humidifier, put distilled water into the humidifier reservoir rather than tap water. This is because tap water could contain mineral particles that the humidifier would spray into the air. Some of these mineral particles could have harmful effects on whoever inhales them.

Benefits of an air purifier

 It relieves the symptoms of asthma:

At least one in twelve people is diagnosed with asthma. People with asthma have inflamed bronchial tubes. Hence, air pollutants like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites can affect their lungs and lead to difficulty in breathing. Having an air purifier would help remove any of such harmful pollutants in the air.

It removes other harmful substances from the atmosphere:

Some chemicals like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can lead to an increased chance of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. An air purifier would help remove such chemicals from the indoor air.

Kills unpleasant odor:

Some chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene release offensive and terrible odors that could lead to breathlessness, nausea, or even a loss of cognitive functions. Investing in an air purifier would help you kill such pungent and offensive smells.

Benefits of a humidifier

It prevents Influenza:

Researchers have discovered that the flu virus is deactivated when in an atmosphere with more than 40% humidity. Of course, the best way to regulate the humidity of your environment is to get a humidifier. Overall win.

It reduces dust in the atmosphere and prevents coughs:

The presence of dust in a room’s atmosphere can lead to bouts of coughing, especially for people with respiratory issues. Extensive and violent coughing can lead to a fissure in the lungs or the lung tissues. (Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the lung doctor in case of such an occurrence.) Increasing the humidity of the room’s atmosphere will eliminate dust particles and prevent cough.

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Keeps the skin and hair moist:

Apart from the benefits it holds for your surroundings, humidifiers, by adding moisture to the air, could also help you kick against dry, itchy, flaky, and cracked skin.


Whichever of the two you choose to get for your house should be the one you must require, and we recommend that you get both of them if you can afford to. You can also reach out to us immediately to get recommendations on the best air purifiers and humidifiers for you.



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