Questions to Ask when Seeing a Pulmonologist for the First Time

Everyone who has had struggles with chest related or respiratory tract illnesses understand the vitality of being in touch with their pulmonologist.Communicating efficiently with your doctor gets easier as you move further but your first experience might not feelas natural as you would want, especially if you are unprepared for the occasion. Who is a … Continue reading “Questions to Ask when Seeing a Pulmonologist for the First Time”

Can Humidity Cause COPD Flare-ups?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a term used to describe a class of illnesses that affect regions of the chest, and respiratory tracts and make it difficult for victims to breathe. The human lungs have channels that allow air to travel called windpipes (trachea). These channels allow the passage of air into the lungs through … Continue reading “Can Humidity Cause COPD Flare-ups?”

Six Unspoken Benefits of Joining a COPD Support Group

 COPD is a parent name for a class of diseases that affect the lungs through a blockage of airflow and other breathing-related challenges. Symptoms of COPD range from shortness of breath, frequent coughs, and wheezing to excess phlegm, mucus, or sputum production. COPD is caused by constant exposure to tobacco smoke, air pollutants, and smoking. … Continue reading “Six Unspoken Benefits of Joining a COPD Support Group”

Walking Pneumonia: What it is and how to manage it

It is estimated that every year, roughly 1 million adults in the United States are hospitalized for pneumonia. Walking pneumonia is simply pneumonia that isn’t severe enough to cause hospitalization and bed rest. Caused by a bacteria called Mycoplasma pneumonia, the symptoms of walking pneumonia are mild and are way easier to treat and manage … Continue reading “Walking Pneumonia: What it is and how to manage it”

6 Tips to Help You Manage Daytime Drowsiness

Daytime drowsiness, also known as hypersomnia, is characterized by excessive sleepiness which affects a person’s daily productivity and their ability to function effectively. Often caused by poor sleeping habits, daytime drowsiness can make you lose track of time and contribute to mental exhaustion. If you are struggling with daytime drowsiness, we have come up with … Continue reading “6 Tips to Help You Manage Daytime Drowsiness”

Lung Cancer Risks Myths vs. Facts

Is smoking the only cause of lung cancer? No, it’s not the only cause. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the causes of lung cancer. The leading cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. That is,you risk lung cancer when you smoke cigarettes regularly. However, even people who do not smoke can get lung cancer … Continue reading “Lung Cancer Risks Myths vs. Facts”

Sleep Apnea: 6 Home Remedies That Work

Getting proper sleep in terms of both quality and duration is one of the ways to live a healthy and stress-free life. So, you must make sure that you have no problems with sleeping fine. Sleep Apnea can pose a serious threat to both your mental and physical wellness. In this article, we will show … Continue reading “Sleep Apnea: 6 Home Remedies That Work”

Best Diets For A Healthy Immune System

The immune system is one of the systems in the human body. It’s a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs (and the substances they secrete) that help to defend the body against invasion of foreign bodies and disease-causing organisms as well as help the body fight infections.   What is a Diet? A diet … Continue reading “Best Diets For A Healthy Immune System”

7 Summer Wellness Ideas For Healthy Living

Summertime is playtime! Summer means long, warm days to be spent outside with loved ones to relax and unwind. This atmosphere of relaxation means that summer is the perfect season to revamp your wellness routine and make lifestyle changes that promote healthy living. Here are some summer-specific wellness ideas that promote healthy living even beyond … Continue reading “7 Summer Wellness Ideas For Healthy Living”

What to Expect During a Pulmonary Function Test

Taking care of our inner organs is a critical aspect of our life. The lung, a vital organ in our body, needs to be tested from time to time to prevent damage. To protect our lungs, we have to consistently go for tests that show us the condition of our lungs.   This article explains … Continue reading “What to Expect During a Pulmonary Function Test”