How To Celebrate Air Day


Air day is a day dedicated to recognizing the need for a healthier planet and the collective efforts that must be made to make it a reality. It is also a day dedicated to spreading awareness of the negative effects of smoke, smog, and other forms of air pollution on human life and the environment.

People frequently inhale or breathe in polluted air. Also, research shows that over seven million people around the world die from diseases related to air pollution every year.

Facts like the above are further proof that living in an environment with clean air is very important. So far, air pollution stands as one of the greatest environmental threats to human health and is an avoidable cause of disease and death on a global scale.

One of the reasons for the existence of Air day is to further emphasize the need for inter-border cooperation in the fight against environmental pollution. Air day also stresses the need for nations to adopt more eco-friendly systems of transportation and avoid hazardous human activities like bush burning.

Here are five simple ways that you can observe Air day.


  1. Make your voice heard.

 Since Air day gives room for spreading awareness about the dangers of air pollution on human lives, it means spreading the word is a great way to start. Sometimes, people engage in activities that have negative effects on the environment and they do it because they are ignorant. One of the best ways to observe Air day is by talking about it.

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Be bold enough to talk to your friends, neighbors, or family members about how much air pollution can affect our environment and our bodies. Make posts about it on the internet, and engage in social media campaigns too!

Choosing to enlighten others about air pollution increases the chances of creating a healthier environment.

2. Avoid habits like cutting down trees or bush burning.

Air pollution is prevalent in environments where habits like bush burning and cutting down trees are regular activities. Hence, reducing the number of people who engage in such reduces the effects on the environment.

Apart from the fact that bush burning can cause deforestation and desertification in the environment, it also reduces the quality of air.

Burning trees increases the amount of Carbondioxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. This makes the air toxic and breathing it in will affect the lungs.

A good way to observe Air day is to avoid such activities and discourage people around you from engaging in such.

Rather, you can make it a habit to plant more trees. You can start from your local community and begin a movement of planting trees around. Doing so will boost the quality of the air and also reduce the risk of exposure to respiratory diseases like Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Remember, a healthy environment means fewer visits to a lung doctor or health center.

3. Support organizations that promote environment-friendly approaches.

Some organizations are interested in ensuring the use of eco-friendly methods and products over other methods that are harmful to the environment. Supporting such organizations is a helpful way to observe Air day. You can volunteer during community outreach programs or support financially.

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You can also support such organizations by sharing posts on social media and spreading the word! The more people pay attention to the need for a world without air pollution, the better!

4. Support people who struggle with lung/respiratory-related diseases.

Research shows that “Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death worldwide.

This means that every year, we have a lot of people who struggle with lung/respiratory-related diseases, most of which are caused by smoking or exposure to toxic environments.

A good way to observe Air day is by providing support to people who struggle with such diseases. Pay them visits at the clinic, support them financially and encourage them. This way, you get to leave a smile on the face of such individuals.

5. Attend official events.

Attending official events is also another way to observe Air day. For example, in 2020, the first-ever official opening ceremony for the International Day of Clean Air was held in South Korea. Although you might not be physically available for subsequent events, you can follow virtually or search for other rallies or conferences around you that you can participate in.

Observing Air day doesn’t require much! You can participate wherever you are by applying these simple tips. Another way you can observe Air day is by taking frequent checkups on your lungs!

Doing so helps you begin early treatment and increases your chances of survival if you are diagnosed with any lung diseases. To get access to the best medical services or see a healthy expert, click here and you will be directed to a professional.

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