Smart Tips for a Healthy Festive Season

The festive season is known to be a time people let loose and indulge in all sorts of fun. However, while it might be difficult to say no to that red wine, galettes, chocolates, pudding or other junk this period, we want you to know that you can enjoy the goodness of the season without stalling the progress you have made in your positive health journey.

If you are wondering how to eat healthy during this period, we have put together some smart tips for a healthy body to keep you in check as you celebrate the festive season. Do read on.

1. You can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables

Remember to have a lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as whole carbohydrate. They control cholesterol levels, aid digestion and regulate intestinal transit which will help when you visit the toilet.

2.   Cook in a healthy manner

The festive period is especially filled with lots of cooking activities. But while at it, endeavor to reduce dishes with saturated fats – often present in meats, sausages, and pastry products – and opt for olive oil and oily fish for their heart-healthy properties.

3. Use salt decently

Excess salt causes fluid retention and also increases the risk of hypertension. In order not to subtract flavor from your meals, you can opt for celery, spices, or aromatic herbs. You may also want to avoid or lower your consumption of preserved or canned foods due to their high salt content.

4. Do not repeat dessert

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Enjoy nougats, marzipans, and chocolates but without going overboard. Try them at the celebratory lunches or dinners, and do not repeat. This way, you will avoid excess sugar. If possible, share dessert with another person. This will allow you satisfy the sweet tooth without overdoing it.

5. Less alcohol is great

Wines, champagne, and liquors are the usual during the festive season, but don’t forget that abusing alcohol can cause a dreadful hangover and increase your calories. So, if you must drink, be frugal with the quantity of alcohol consumed and alternate with glasses of water as well.

6. Drink lots of water

You can never go bad with excess water. Make it a habit to drink up to eight glasses of water each day to regulate your body system and prevent dehydration caused by alcohol. You can also eat infusions, soups, and natural juices.

Always take care of yourself by eating healthy, not just during the festive period, but at all times. Don’t forget the importance of your health because of the merry nature of the season. We wish you a merry celebration and a prosperous year ahead!


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