How To Tell The Difference Between Common Colds And Allergies

Since their symptoms are quite similar, common colds and allergies are usually mistaken for each other. Some of these symptoms include fatigue, runny nose, and fatigue. In this article, you will learn the difference between the common cold and allergies. What Are Allergies? An allergy is a disorder of the immune system which makes the … Continue reading “How To Tell The Difference Between Common Colds And Allergies”

Skin Allergies: Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Allergies are hypersensitive reactions of the immune system to ordinarily harmless substances. These substances known as allergens are deemed harmful by the body’s defence mechanism causing it to overreact upon exposure. There are several allergens people react to most times. But generally, the common allergens include dust mites, pollen, moulds, animal proteins, foods, and medications. … Continue reading “Skin Allergies: Types, Symptoms and Treatment”