5 Ways To Stay Active At Home


The world has become a global village. Everything is happening online. You can order food online, work, have important meetings online, even study for your degree!

Coupled with the necessity to stay inside and safe due to the diseases ravaging the globe, even the most outgoing social butterflies among us now have no problem staying indoors all day.

The bulk of our personal and professional lives can now happen in the comfort of our homes, and it doesn’t take much to lose sight of physical well-being.

But, why should we stay active every day?

 Why Should You Stay Active?

  • There’s no downside to being active constantly. There are only advantages.
  • Staying active guarantees you good mental and physical well-being.
  • If you sit at your desk all day, using your computer, you’re at risk of developing back/body pain. Being active will help you stay in shape.
  • If you have a lung condition, keeping your body fit is good for your lungs. If you’re thinking it’ll make you breathless, don’t fret. You can always contact a lung doctor regularly for checkups to allay your fears. A lung doctor is called a pulmonologist.
  • Staying active increases your life expectancy, lowers your chances of having low blood pressure and regulates your sugar level.
  • Besides, it keeps you focused and puts your mind in the right state necessary for productivity.
  • Staying active constantly boosts your immune system


When your bedroom is your workplace and the longest distance you travel daily is from the dining table to the bathroom, how can you keep yourself active at home and have fun doing it?

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5 Ways To Stay Active At Home 


 1. Walk it out

Walking is a great way to keep your body active and improve your overall well-being, whether you’re doing it inside, around, or outside your house.

Walking helps to keep your bones stronger, trim off excess body fat/weight, and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Also, it can greatly lessen your chances of developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

If you think walking for fun is boring and want to spice it up, you can consider a stroll all by yourself on a cool evening. Add earbuds blasting your favorite songs to the mix and you’re good to go.


2. Don’t leave a speck untouched!

Usually, strenuous activities like weeding the garden, scrubbing the kitchen sink, vacuuming the whole house, scrubbing the bathtub, and doing the dishes are your best bet to staying active while you’re at home.

Get your soaps, sponges, rakes, and vacuum cleaners and scrub every inch of your house. Work your way into every nook and cranny and leave no spot untouched.


3. Get cozy with your partner

Sensual activity is a great method to keep your body active. It may help keep the headaches away, absorb stress, help you sleep better, and improve the overall quality of your life. So, cuddle up with your babe and get it on.

You can also settle for periodic massages every day. You’ll exercise your muscles in the process.

By the way, who said you cannot exercise in bed? You can simply stretch your body, do a few press-ups or push-ups, and you’re good for the day.

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4. Stand

Sitting at your work desk all day will eventually lead to your muscles cramping up from being in the same position for a long time.

You can have back pain, neck pain, poor posture, or joint ache. So, get up from time to time and go about your business. At a 20-30 minute interval, get up and walk around the house to loosen your muscles. While you’re at it, have a cup of water.

Also, if you have to make calls, pace while you do it. Just don’t stay in one position for too long.


5. Get a pet

As a person, it’s a lot of work to take care of yourself. Now, put a pet into the mix. Say, a dog. Voilà! Hello, sleepless nights and hair in your meals.

Animals are needy creatures. They need you to do most things for them. From feeding them, to making sure they don’t poop all over your new carpet, to ensuring that they’re examined by the vet periodically, to going on a walk with them, you’re exerting yourself and keeping your body active.

That’s the good kind of stress that keeps you healthier and fit.

In essence, whatever is going on, it’s a no-no to compromise your health. You have to keep your body active and the blood pumping steadily through your veins.

If you have any issues navigating through any of the pointers or need further information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we’re right here for you!


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