10 Easy New Year Resolutions for your Health


Every year, about 60% of people write out fresh bucket lists and new resolutions. Out of this 60%, less than 10% of them end up achieving these goals. This is most common with health and fitness goals.

Most people find it difficult to follow through with their plans to stay fit and healthy because they set unrealistic plans, and just a few months into the year, they completely lose their mojo.

Hence, it is extremely important to go for new year resolutions that are easy enough for you to achieve and yet would still go a long way in improving your overall health and wellbeing.

In this article, we have prepared ten easy New Year resolutions that wouldn’t be such a chore to achieve and would still significantly help you reach health and fitness goals in this new year.

1.     Make sleep a priority

Yes, you have to finish that work project. You need to read for that paper tomorrow. You have that deadline to beat. All of these might be great excuses, but not great enough to not get enough sleep.

Not getting enough sleep places an imbalance in your circadian rhythm and can have adverse effects on not only your mental health but your metabolism and general array.

An average person needs about 7-9 hours of sleep and rest to be ready to kick-start a new day and be active in it. So, getting enough sleep should be your top priority this new year. Wear those jammies and go to bed!

2.     Stay hydrated

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At first glance, this might not seem like much, but drinking enough water is very important for you to stay healthy and fit. After thorough research, medical practitioners advise that we drink 10-15 glasses of water daily to stay fully hydrated.

Drinking enough water helps to lubricate joints, aids in digestion, ensures the proper regulation of kidney function, and even assists in muscle recovery after a very hard workout. Stay healthy and hydrated.

3.     Avoid overly sugary food and sweetened beverages

Sweets can be very tempting. Sometimes, we can’t look past those delicious treats and sweetened beverages. They’re mouthwatering and more often than not, we cave in and crawl back to those yummy demons.

But, guess what? Those awesome treats and drinks contain more added sugar than organic flavors to make them that tasty and enticing.

This sugar is not only harmful to your health, but it could also be very addictive. Excessive intake of added sugar can have adverse effects such as weight gain, teeth cavities, high risk of diabetes, increased risk of high blood sugar levels, and a myriad of other health complications. Instead of sweets, take juicy fruits to satisfy sweet cravings.

4.     Stay active

Staying inactive can lead to an increase in the accumulation of energy and also fat in unfavorable areas of your body. Rather than laze around on the couch, you could read a book to engage your mind, or try baking.

This is surprisingly easy to accomplish, and its effects are even more amazing. And hey, It doesn’t even have to be an extremely strenuous activity — a five-minute walk around your neighborhood can do the trick.

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5.      Less alcohol and more water

The consumption of alcohol makes a drinker prone to various chronic conditions. Medical research advises alcohol intake to be reduced to a maximum amount of thrice a week in little amounts, but also total abstinence to stay healthier.

Water is a better and healthier alternative to alcohol. So, less alcohol, more water!

6.      Quit smoking

Smoking can increase your chances of developing diseases like lung cancer or even heart disease It is an addictive and unhealthy habit. Many support groups can help you work through your addiction and even completely quit smoking.

Also, if you have been smoking for some time now, you should visit a lung doctor to help you know the state of your lungs.

7.     Be intentional about your mental health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Be mindful of what you feed your mind. Listen to the right music, read mentally stimulating books, watch proper movies, and cut off toxicity completely from your space. See a therapist where one is needed.

There are other ways to improve your mental health, such as: reducing stress levels, sleeping regularly, trying meditation, and yoga. Journaling can also help you keep track of the state of your mind and its health.

8.     Visit your doctor regularly

Pay regular visits to your doctor to keep proper track of your health and your progress in staying fit. Take all your prescribed medications and supplements, too. So many sudden complications can be avoided in this manner.

9.      Reduce screen time

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Spending too much time on your devices has been linked to several feelings of withdrawal and depression, loneliness, and many times, dissatisfaction with oneself.

Take time off your screen to connect with your immediate environment and the people in it. Stay in touch with your physical side as much as your virtual side.

10. Stop speaking negatively about yourself

Speaking negatively about yourself and your body can lead to extremely low-levels of self esteem and sometimes into depression.

Inculcate the habit of speaking positively about you and yours. Stand in front of a mirror and remind yourself of how handsome you are, how smart you are,, how amazing you look, how confident you look, how smart you are.

You know you are all of these things. So, now get to work!


Final words:

Don’t forget to always see the best in yourself. You are amazing and on the right track to good health and fitness! Be bold and take that first step – the journey of a thousand miles does begin with one step, so go! Reach for the goal. You can do it.

In conclusion, this new year is the time to take charge of your health. Adopting the habits listed in this article would go a long way in improving your overall well-being. Contact us here to get you started on the quest of taking charge of your health.


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