6 Excellent Tips To Manage “No-mask” Anxiety

6 Excellent Tips To Manage No-mask Anxiety

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was at a standstill. Many regulations were put in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, like wearing masks everywhere.

However, compared to the first outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic which led to the lockdown, the cases of infected people and deaths from Coronavirus have drastically gone down. It has become so minimal to the extent that some countries have made wearing a mask optional. But, some people still feel anxious about not having to wear a mask.

What is No Mask Anxiety?

No Mask Anxiety is the discomfort that comes with not putting on a face mask. Some people still fear that the pandemic is not really over, even if its spread seems to have reduced. Hence, it’s difficult for them to go out without face masks.

Tips to Manage No Mask Anxiety

No mask anxiety is no different from general anxiety. It can also hinder daily activities and might stop people from functioning properly if not managed properly.

Here are some tips to deal with no mask anxiety:

  • Understand what anxiety is
  • Take your time to adjust
  • Get vaccinated
  • Trust the vaccines
  • Try to socialize
  • Do what works for you


1.    Understand what anxiety is

Before you solve a problem, you first have to identify it and understand what’s going on. Hence, you have to learn about anxiety and everything associated with it. You have to understand the symptoms, like restlessness, sweating, palpitations, anorexia, et cetera. It’s advisable to talk to a doctor or therapist, too. They’d give you credible advice on how to manage the effects of your anxiety.

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2.    Take your time to adjust

Once our brains get familiar with a routine, it becomes a part of us, and it can become really hard to let go of. So, keep calm and take your time to adjust to the changes. You don’t have to stop entirely at once; you can still wear nose masks around large numbers of people.

You can set a minimum number of people that would determine if you wear it or not, then increase it gradually. You can also set a minimum number of people (who are maskless) to meet, and increase the numbers gradually. Your brain will adopt it as a new routine in time.


3.    Get vaccinated

Another way to manage your anxiety is by cutting off all reasons to worry. In this case, the fear of contracting covid-19 is the greatest reason for your anxiety. How do you cross it out? Get vaccinated!

Vaccination is a tested and trusted means of fighting the Coronavirus. Taking your immunostimulants will reduce your chances of contracting the virus. Knowing that, your reasons to remain anxious will reduce.


4.    Trust the vaccines

Another thing that might keep you anxious is your distrust of COVID vaccines. You can boost your trust in the vaccines by reading reviews on their efficiency and watching videos of people speaking about them. You might hear or see bad reviews, but that’s completely realistic. The greater amount of good reviews will put your mind at ease.


5.    Try to socialize

There’s no way you’d be able to get your mind to adjust to not wearing masks if you don’t step out and make it. So, go out and try to socialize. Leave your mask at home and try to enjoy yourself. It might take some time for you to become comfortable without a mask, but it’ll be worth it.

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6.    Do what works for you

Going outside and trying to socialize without putting on a mask might not work for you. So, if keeping your face mask on around people makes you feel more secure, you should do that without thinking of what anyone would say about it. Your peace is important and wearing a mask is optional, anyway.

Final Words

For whatever reason you might be getting no-mask anxiety, remember only you can control how you really feel by making the right decisions that also satisfy your mind! Feel free to contact us for more information. Rest assured that you will be attended to as soon as possible.


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