7 Summer Wellness Ideas For Healthy Living

7 Summer Wellness Ideas For Healthy Living

Summertime is playtime! Summer means long, warm days to be spent outside with loved ones to relax and unwind. This atmosphere of relaxation means that summer is the perfect season to revamp your wellness routine and make lifestyle changes that promote healthy living.

Here are some summer-specific wellness ideas that promote healthy living even beyond summer:

1.   Stay hydrated

Summer means warmth, fun, and sunshine. The rise in temperature means that your body loses more water, especially when you stay out in the sun.

Drinking water helps to beat the heat, maintains your body water ratio, and works wonders for your skin. It also prevents you from getting bloated.

So, take a bottle with you whenever you’re going on a walk or tanning yourself in the sun and sip, sip, sip! Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses a day to stay well hydrated.


2.   Get your vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin in the human body that regulates the level of calcium and phosphate in the body. It strengthens bones, teeth, and muscles. Also, it can help to protect against cardiovascular diseases and respiratory infections.

Vitamin D is produced in the skin after exposure to sunlight. The body stores Vitamin D from the summer season to use in the cold, less sunny seasons. So, get out there and soak up the sun to increase your body’s production of this essential vitamin. Know when you draw the line, though. Too much exposure to sunlight is bad for your skin.

3.   Nourish your body with healthy food

A healthy body is a happy body, so make sure to eat healthily and maintain a proper diet. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and they make perfect snacks — a fruit bowl or salad would do your body some real good.

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Foods like fish, eggs, walnuts, coconut oil, and avocado are high in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and promote healing. Moreso, green tea, black tea berries, and beans are rich in antioxidants that protect against sunburn and skin damage.

A proper, healthy diet will supply you with energy for your activities as well as heal and nourish your body.


4.   Practice self-care

The bright, warm days of summer with the fresh air and longer daytime are the best periods to begin a new healthy lifestyle and self-care routine that you want to continue carrying into the colder winter months.

Summer has a way of making one feel more optimistic, energetic, and confident, so it’s s the best time to renew your mind. Activities like yoga, meditation, and mindful walking help to declutter your mind and relax your body.


5.   Get up and get moving

Resist the urge to stay indoors and sleep or watch TV. Instead, stay active with light exercises and physical activities that will stimulate your muscles and keep your mind sharp.

Activities like jogging, swimming, cycling, and even dancing are perfect to keep your body in shape during summer. They can also serve as a bonding session with your loved ones when you take part in those activities together.


6.   Sleep well

Yes, it can be tempting to want to stay awake later than usual in summer; after all, it’s the holiday season. However, quell that urge and try to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

Sleep is important because it gives our body a chance to rest, heal and recuperate. It also gives our brain a chance to relax, and it helps to keep the mind sharp and focused. Avoid taking alcohol 3 hours before bedtime and establish a night-time routine that puts you in the mood for sleep.

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7.   Take care of your eyes

More sunlight in the summertime means more ultraviolet (UV) light. Exposure to UV lights consistently for long periods – like in summer – can damage your eyesight, cause cataracts or give you wrinkles around your eyes.

Wear protective sunglasses when you’re outdoors, especially ones that give up to 99% protection against UV A and UV B rays. You may need to see your ophthalmologist for the best type of protective sunglasses for you, especially if you use prescription glasses or contact lenses.


Final Words

While relaxing and soaking up the summer sun, you must live healthily. Check out these tips to stay healthy during the holiday season.  and let’s know how it goes! Don’t forget to reach out to us for more wellness ideas to stay healthy.


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