Celebrating Healthy Lung Month with these Tips


Do you know that over 25 million people live with asthma, and 150,000 die from lung cancer yearly?

November is lung cancer awareness month dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of lung safety and the implications of bad habits like smoking on the lungs. Spreading awareness and encouraging people to know more about how vital it is for them to protect their lungs is the major highlight of this month.

Here are a few tips that can help you protect your lungs and reduce your chances of being a victim of lung diseases.

  1.  Avoid smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes of lung diseases. Research has revealed that cigarette smoking remains the number one risk factor for lung cancer and it is responsible for over 90% of lung cancer cases.

This is why it is important that you quit or avoid smoking. You can begin therapy if you are addicted to the habit to help you quit. Also, avoid places where people smoke, and stay away from friends who do the same too.

  2.  Avoid environments with toxic air pollutants or extreme weather

Apart from smoking, being in a toxic environment is another way of bringing harm to your body, especially in environments with extreme heat or cold. For the safety of your lungs, avoiding such places is the best decision you can take.

 3.  Maintain proper hygiene and clean your home

Being intentional about your hygiene is a great way to help your lung health. Proper hygiene helps get rid of germs and reduce the risk of getting a lung infection. The same applies to keeping your house clean. Keeping your house clean helps you get rid of allergies from dust to animal dander. Ensure that you regularly dust your furniture, wash bed sheets, and take care of your pets. Use non-toxic varieties of cleaners for your home and be sure to clean every day.

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  4.  Engage in breathing exercises and physical exercises

Breathing exercises are a beneficial way of helping your lungs. They help you improve the strength of your lungs, cleanse the lungs, and make breathing easier for you. They can also be very helpful in activities like meditation and for emergencies like an asthma attack.

Physical exercise is also great for your lungs. When you exercise, two of your most vital organs, your heart and lungs are heavily at work to provide enough oxygen to your muscles. The effect of this is that your heart and lungs get more efficient.

  5.  Get regular checkups

Although most lung diseases come with very obvious symptoms, a session with a lung doctor or pulmonologist is the best way to find out. One of the best ways to find out if your lungs are working just fine is by checking in with a lung doctor. Doing so helps with early diagnosis and treatment plus you get to learn new ways of managing symptoms.

Make it a consistent habit to get checkups for your lungs. You can do so by contacting us here and you will get access to top medical advice and services. Your lungs are important and choosing to prioritize their safety will be beneficial to your health.


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