Sleeping Pills Versus Natural Sleep Aids: Which is Ideal?

sleeping pills

For some people who have sleeping disorders, sleeping pills are the go-to option. But, that doesn’t make it the perfect choice for good health. In this article, we will highlight the advantages and side effects of sleeping with the aid of pills as compared to natural sleep aids.

What are sleeping pills?

 Sleeping pills are drugs that help people fall asleep. They can also be called sedatives, tranquilizers, sleep aids, et cetera. Oftentimes, they’re prescribed for insomniacs (people who have insomnia sleeping disorder), but some people who aren’t insomniacs also take sleeping pills to fall asleep earlier and have more time for sleep.


Advantages of sleeping pills

How do sleeping pills benefit people?

  • They help to achieve a state of rest within a short time

The general idea behind a sedative is to get some rest as quickly as possible, probably due to fatigue or stress. Sleeping pills will help you fall asleep real quick.

  • They help insomniacs get rest

Insomniacs are those who have a sleeping disorder that is known for its symptoms of unrest and the inability to sleep well. Taking sleeping drugs helps to relax the brain and causes the insomniac to fall asleep. However, frequent use can cause the pills to lose their effect.

  • They help you stay asleep

Sleeping pills aren’t just made to make one fall asleep; they also help in keeping us asleep. Sedatives work on receptors in the brain called the GABA receptors.

So, after the medications have done their jobs, the presence of the medications in our bodies or blood still has effects on the GABA receptors — hence, a prolonged state of sleep.

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Disadvantages of sleeping pills

  • Might lead to dependence

The human body is unique in how fast it adapts to things. As a result of this adaptation, the GABA receptors that aid sleep might see the normal amount of melatonin that comes from your body as inadequate. Only when the melatonin’s production gets boosted by drugs will it be adequate. Eventually, you might need to increase your dosage.

  • Regular headaches

Changing the way the brain works and making it adapt to your regular tranquilizer intake can be pretty harmful. It stresses the blood vessels in the head and the brain in general, and it results in ear-splitting headaches.

  • Sleepiness during the day

Sleeping pills, while forcing the brain to adapt, can also confuse the brain. Melatonin might get produced when you’re not tired or supposed to rest. It can also confuse the brain to keep you awake, with the thought that you’re supposed to be awake, even when sleep is needed.

  • Loss of effect

Frequent use of sleeping pills can make them lose their effect. This means that it might take longer for you to fall asleep. You can also not be able to stay asleep.


Natural sleep aids

 Natural sleep aids are the ideal method of falling asleep for those who have problems with it. An ideal sleeping habit is getting the right amount of sleep (8-9 hours) without taking any sleeping enhancements. This entails following certain sleep patterns to achieve a state of rest.

Some of these techniques are:

  • Lowering the temperature of your surroundings.
  • Using a breathing method. Also, you can visit here if you have problems with your lungs to know which breathing technique might suit you.
  • Keep your devices away, like laptops and mobile phones.
  • Experiencing both day and night time, specifically by having activities during the day.
  • Yoga and relaxation techniques by nighttime.
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Some of the advantages of natural sleep aids are:

  • Improves concentration and attention

As opposed to sleeping pills literally forcing the brain to stimulate sleep, natural sleep aids help in our concentration, because a healthy mind keeps the brain calm. A calm working environment allows for the brain to work effectively without breaking down or being confused.

  • Alleviates the risk of drug dependence

 It is a lovely thing to be able to get a good night’s rest without having to pop pills. What happens when you can’t afford the pills? What happens when they are out of reach? Well, healthy sleeping removes the necessity of having to worry about these.

  • A healthy lifestyle

Healthy living is one of the prerequisites to having a good night’s rest without having to take sleeping enhancements. It’s a two-way benefit: you live healthily, and you gain good sleep!


 As compared to sleeping pills, natural sleep aids are the ideal way of cultivating and maintaining a healthy sleeping habit. They might be hard to follow through at first, but with time and constant practice, your body and brain would adapt.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or need a consultation on the type of natural sleeping aids that would work for you.


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