7 Ways to Observe National Wellness Month

National Wellness-month

National Wellness month is an annual activity that encourages people to participate or engage in activities that promote mental stability and physical well-being. During the month, people are advised to give more attention to the things they do and how it affects their overall health.

We have put together 7 unique ways you can observe and participate in National Wellness month. Read on!

1. Self-care sessions.

There are several things you can do to observe National Wellness month but spending time on self care is something you should try doing this month. You can try out and explore different self-care activities like spa sessions, manicures, and pedicures among others. And if you can’t afford it, long baths and saunas also work. The goal of self-care is just dedicating time to attend to your needs and doing things that make you feel good and happy.

2. Spend time with friends and family.

If there is any lesson the coronavirus pandemic has taught, it’s that keeping and maintaining close contact with our loved ones is as important as any other activity for good health. The bond we share with our loved ones has a huge impact on our mental health. Become intentional about your relationships and make efforts to reach out to your friends daily.

3. Engage in breathing exercises.

A lot of times, life gets to us so fast and hard that we are left to deal with the impact for a long while. Breathing exercises are known to help deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue. So, one nice way of observing National Wellness month is by trying them out. The good thing is that they are easy to practice and do not require any level of expertise.

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All you need to do is sit in a comfortable posture, advisably in a quiet or serene environment, and then, you take long, deep breaths. Do this repeatedly for 5-10 minutes and you are good to go. You can also use breathing exercises in situations like panic or anxiety attacks.

4. Journal.

Journaling is an activity that people need to imbibe into their lives on a more consistent basis. Journaling allows you to relax and pour down your thoughts into easy-to-understand words. That way, you can coordinate your thoughts and better comprehend your emotions.

With journaling, you can transition from being confused to being collected and relaxed or shift from being afraid to be confident and bold. Depending on how busy your day is, you should journal when you are calm, probably in the early hours of the morning before work or in the evenings before bed.There are no rules to journaling. Just express yourself until you feel you have nothing left to say.

5. Reduce sugar consumption.

Apart from the risk of diabetes, sugar consumption exposes your body to a number of harm. Rather than consume sugar, look for other alternatives or abstain as much as possible. Instead of Soda, settle for freshly blended fruit juice of your choice or whole-grain oatmeal or just water.

6. Have idle days.

As weird as it might sound this is one tip that you might want to try. Every day, we spend 90% of our time at work or on one productive activity or the other. Apart from days when we get to rest, all our energy goes into growing and working towards a more profitable, stable life.

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A unique way to observe National Wellness month is to doing nothing on specific days. Spare yourself from the demands of responsibilities or commitments and just relax. Sleep, eat as much as you want, and spend time doing fun stuff. This will help you deal with stress and make you feel relaxed and more fulfilled.

7. Protect your lungs.

National Wellness month is also an opportunity to pay more attention to your lungs. According to the Forum of International Respiratory Societies, public polls show that most people underestimate lung diseases and do not have an idea of how to manage them.

Your lungs are vital organs in your body and being cautious about them is important too. Learn to move around with a nose mask. Avoid environments with toxic fumes, smoke, and low oxygen quality. Quit bad habits like smoking and avoid allergens if you have allergies of any form.

The essence of National Wellness month is to help people value their health and prioritize their mental, psychological and physical wellbeing. If you have any inquiry about your lung health, feel free to contact us here to speak with the best lung doctors and pulmonologists available.

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