5 Easy Tips to Help You Quit Smoking


As humans, a collective part of our personality, mindsets, and belief systems are reflected in our daily habits; habits that can have a positive or negative effect. Hence, it is vital that you get rid of every self-destructive habit especially addictions.

Addiction is the inability of an individual to stop the consistent usage of a substance or to stop a behavior that has physical, mental, or psychological harmful effects on that individual. One of such addictions rampant today is Smoking.

Smoking has harmful effects on the human body and the damage is more centered within the respiratory tract.

How smoking affects your lungs

Recent studies have shown that smoking is responsible for about 90% of all lung cancer deaths. This shows how dangerous smoking is to the body.

Smoking causes damages to the airways and eats up the small air sacs, (alveoli) that are in your lungs. It also causes Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). It can trigger asthmatic attacks or increase the severity of an attack.

Since Smoking is so destructive, it is only reasonable that you learn how to quit the habit. Here are 5 simple tips that can help you reduce your consumption of cigarettes and quit the habit completely!

  1. Be optimistic

Sometimes, In your struggles to quit smoking, you might feel discouraged. However, you must learn to maintain a positive outlook. Breaking any habit is not an easy task and it demands time. Don’t rush it. Take it easy. No matter how frustrating it might seem, refuse to see failure.

Every day, give yourself 5 reasons why you should quit smoking. Make use of journaling, meditation, and even gratitude jars. Use anything to ensure that you don’t lose hope! Be optimistic that you can live a life completely devoid of smoking.

  1. Find distractions
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It is easier to reconsider taking another drag when your mind, hands, and mouth are idle. Get busy. You will get tempted to smoke again when you have nothing to do. Pick up a new hobby, read a book, or go on fun trips.  Explore other interests and just enjoy yourself. You could also learn a new craft or skill.

Take sweets or bubble gums (moderately) to keep your mouth busy. Providing meaningful distractions will keep your mind busy and engaged. Do this consistently, and your mind will get used to not smoking.

  1. Avoid triggers

A trigger can be anything. It can be a person, an item, a scene from a movie, and even a place. Whatever they are, you have to avoid them at all costs. To do that, study yourself and take note of when the cravings for smoke comes. If it hits around a particular place, or when you are around friends, then avoid them. Avoid places where people smoke. Avoid people who smoke and all form of triggers or you’ll smoke again!

  1. Get support

The support of friends and loved ones when trying to quit a bad habit or addiction can be very helpful! Especially when it comes to dealing with an addiction like smoking. With their encouragement, you can gain courage and emotional strength. However, they won’t know you need their help and support if you don’t acknowledge it. You need their support, so ask for it!

  1. Seek medical support

Since medical experts know and understand the effects of smoking more than the average person, getting them on your side can be of great help. Seeking the counsel of a medical expert can help answer all your questions. They can also guide you to make the process easier. Do not hesitate to talk to an expert when you need one! It’s for your good.

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At PCC, we have top pulmonologists dedicated to ensuring your overall wellness. If you have any pulmonary health concerns, feel free to reach out to us right away.