Sleep Disorders: Fact Check

sleep disorder fact vs. fiction

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to many health problems and constant inability to get adequate sleep may be caused by a sleep disorder. According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), drowsy driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 non-fatal injuries annually, in the United States. Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons for drowsy driving. Though it is normal to occasionally experience sleep-related difficulties, it becomes a problem if the occurrence is regular, disruptive and affects your everyday life.

sleep disorder fact vs. fiction
If you are battling with insomnia, worrying sleep patterns and other issues relating to sleep, it is time to seek help. Imbibing a good personal sleeping habit can help. Decide to take a conscious step toward getting the proper rest and sleep you deserve. Visit us for your sleep disorder evaluation, management and procedures.

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